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>>. >> gregg: fox news extreme weather alert. a winter whiteout. this monster storm dumped up to three feet of snow in some places, a packing hurricane-force winds and in the height of the winter, leaving more than 650,000 people in homes and businesses in the cold without any power. >> heather: five states, new york, massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire and rhode island declared states of emergency overnight. ground transportation has been paralyzed. as of this hour, rhode island and massachusetts, they are lifting their driving ban. meanwhile, airlines, they cancelled more than 5300 flights. >> gregg: a lot of people
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stranded. we'll fill you in everything. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers welcome back to a brand-new hour. the storm is blamed important at least three deaths. that number could climb as we learn more. >> gregg: massachusetts in particular taking a heavy blow from this major blizzard where we begin live with molly standing by in boston. >> reporter: hi, gregg. it will be a cold night for several hundred thousand people. particularly south on the cape cod where the power remains out. utility crews are getting ready and the wind dies down. here in boston as you mentioned the travel ban has been lifted. you can see a lot of cars back out on the highways but governor is urging patience. the roads and highways and second roads are pretty bad out there. we had a chance to see that they still have an inch or two of
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snow on them. there are a lot of people walking on the roads because the sidewalk haven't been cleared. other problem is the transportation system here in the city of boston is shut down for now. transportation workers would like to see that back up and running by monday. >> our goal, if we can, is to have some service tomorrow, but we're really focused on monday morning's rush hour. >> reporter: people want to get back to work. if you take a look at video from the south shore, that is where they are suffering coastal flooding. a whole set of problems, water coming over the seawall. if it stays and freezes that can create problems for the roadways and for the folks that live in the low lying coastal areas. a lot of trouble and that is whole other issue, an issue that needs to be solved so those folks can get back to their homes. there have been people pushed out of their homes, a little over 200 are in shelters around the state and that number should
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drop as power begins to come back on in the state of massachusetts. there is one storm related death in the city of boston, a young boy was out helping his father to shovel out family sedan and the exhaust pipe that was covering with snow, got the vehicle to warm up and carbon monoxide backed up inside and efforts were not successful to save his life. there is danger after the storm ends. they are worried about heart attacks and carbon monoxide to make sure things are cleared to get things back to normal and keep the family safe. >> gregg: good important note. molly, thanks very much. >> heather: we are getting new information on historic snowfall totals. portland, maine, 23.9 inches breaking the record. take a look at this.
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amazing time lapse video, from connecticut showing the storms building in a hurry. first a few snowflakes and then the skies open up the snow rising fast and look at that. reducing visibility to about zero. that is zero. how did the blizzard measure up to the forecast and what can we expect later on. maria molina is live. we want to hear from you. >> good to see you. we do have many reports to tell you about and update out of maine. we report over 30 inches of snow has fallen in that area. in boston, one for the record books in the city of boston. as of the latest. to show you how strong the winds were across many cities in parts of new england and also into areas further off to the south,
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take a look at some of these gusts that were reported from the storm system. in the 80s. 81 mile-an-hour winds in portland, connecticut and massachusetts, 83 mile-per-hour winds. so we're talking hurricane-force winds out here in portions of new england and even in areas further off to the south. snow reports again, some places picking up three feet of snow across portions of connecticut, incredible stuff. portions along long island, 30 inches and in boston 24.9 inches of snow. incredible stuff from the storm system. the center is pulling away from the area. it's not over yet. what we have strong winds in parts of maine and massachusetts are dealing with wind and snow coming down heavily at times across eastern portions of maine. still some more snow to talk about portions of maine. snow is pretty much over in portions of connecticut and new york city and also across
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new jersey. it is going to get very cold behind the system. forecast windchill temperatures, many people are without power. you are talking below zero winter temperatures in places in massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island. it will feel like 11 below in massachusetts and 7 below zero in hartford, connecticut. you really have to bundle up. as we head into your monday, we're going to be seeing a dramatic warmup all that snow that is in place, is going to be melting over the next couple of days. you will get rain on top of that snow melt it will be a mess out here across new england and parts of connecticut. a lot of snow and going to be melting rapidly as you head into monday and also into tuesday. another concern, we actually have another storm system we are tracking. blizzard warnings are in effect across this area with up to 16
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inches of snow possible. wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour on the southern end of storm system across texas, oklahoma, and tornadoes will be possible and damaging wind gusts that heads east and more severe weather in mississippi, and louisiana. take a look wednesday and thursday, one computer does develop a nor'easter so more winds and more snow. >> heather: this storm doesn't looks like it will get any better anytime soon. >> gregg: we do want to see your pictures. video or pictures of any kind of this storm, if you have some amazing images email them to us at the address on your screen. give us your name and location and brief description had a we're looking at and we'll get those out. got this adorable videotape of a dog named rocky who quantity
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believe his luck. he is, who request not believe his luck. go, rocky. >> heather: she so excited. >> we have a fox news alert out of southern california. switching gears completely. that is where police are in a dangerous door-to-door search for christopher dorner, the former lapd officer wanted in a deadly shooting rampage. they are focusing the resort area where they found his burned out truck. that was two days ago. the fear is that he may have set booby traps or prepared ambush for approaching officers. police fear he may have escaped that area and dozens of potential targets under around the clock protection. alicia? >> reporter: that protected detail continues, 40 officers
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who are lifted in the manifesto as a target. security remains tight at los angeles police headquarters in downtown los angeles where the mayor received his update not too long ago. >> we're deploying as many resources and assets as we can. this man is very dangerous. although we haven't heard from him in a little more than 24 hours, he is clearly demonstrated he'll kill in cold blood. he is deranged and sick individual. >> reporter: now, fox news has obtained video of dorner from 2005 training at the police acted. we have blurted out faces for their protection. it was his firing from the department three years later that his manifesto was cited that he went on the deadly attacks. the search continues east of
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los angeles and in big bear ski resort. the sheriff's department says there is no sign of the suspect. s.w.a.t. team members have been headed out in snow caps. the mayor of big bear lake, many residents are gun owners and he is concerned if people may take matters into their own hands if necessary and we are learning the first of the funerals of the shooting victims will start next week. >> heather: stay tuned because a little later on we'll talk to an f.b.i. profiler for insight into this case. >> gregg: president obama's second term cabinet is shaping up to look far different than the first term and with so many high profile openings he has chance to push it into a new direction. first, he needs to get those folks confirmed. doug mckelway is in washington. >> reporter: the process of confirmation for secretary of
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state john kerry was smooth but it could be rough for other the nominees. president is standing by his nominee for defense secretary, chuck hagel after he sometimes halting, sometimes uninformed testimony at his confirmation hearing, testimony that confirmed republicans doubts. >> i am deeply concerned about what i saw last week. i think i'm leaning no on this nomination and i will tell you why. it was shocking to me when he was asked about our policy toward iran, that the fundamental threats to our country that he didn't know that our policy was not containment. that was shocking. >> reporter: also facing scrutiny, c.i.a. director john brennan who performed well in the confirmation hearings but some senators want to hold his nomination up until they get more information on the benghazi cover-up. >> it is absolutely central the
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documents be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. >> reporter: treasury-secretary, jack lew is facing new potential troubles in advance of his confirmation hearings. financial forms reveals that he held up $100,000 in a offshore hedge fund in the cayman islands. they have been repeatedly criticized by president obama. there is also some indications the president may pick chicago billionaire penny priskard to head commerce. if it should happen she could face criticism. hyatt hotels have been a frequent target for organized labor. so tough battles ahead. >> gregg: and lots of his big contributors are now diplomats. so we'll go there some other time. doug, thanks very much. >> heather: meantime, first lady michelle obama is paying final
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respects to a teenager whose death brought national attention to the staggering gun violence. she was killed in a case of mistaken identity in a suspected gun dispute. her death happened days after she performed with her high school team at one of president obama's inauguration events. mrs. obama met with the family before the service. >> gregg: a flood of refugees fleeing out of syria. they are estimating a 5,000 people a day fleeing the violence and sheltering in neighboring countries. we take a look inside the refugee camps. here is greg palkot reporting from turkey. >> reporter: just behind those hills, syria and all the folks here have left. we are in a refugee camp and 13,500 people are in a sprawling facility. it's a pretty good place.
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i have containers to live in satellite dishes and even a store, but there is danger all around and security all around, too. >> the people want to go back to syria but it's so bad, they stay here. >> this is a turkish refugee camp, a container will give you a bit of tour. pretty good conditions. this is sleeping quarters. bunk beds, blankets, over here a very busy and small kitchen. over here you got a bathroom that is pretty good shape and pretty good size. here, another living quarters. you have sleeping mats and ten you also have a tv. the hitch is, ten people live here, grandparents, parents and six children and they have been living here for about five months. guess what? they wanted to go home. >> we wanted assad to die. we wanted him in little pieces. >> this is one of 16 sprawling
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refugee camps in turkey. considering the violence next-door in syria, they will be used. >> gregg: thanks for that report. >> heather: a large rover curiosity completing a task on the red planet. new details on the search for signs of life. >> gregg: and president obama putting finishing touches on the state of the union address. what can we expect. what will he tell americans, what do they want to hear. >> heather: plus a new report in the wake of benghazi. what it says about diplomatic security standards. >> did you ever get the message that said they could not withstand a sustained attack on the consulate? >> i was tracking that intelligence. i was tracking -- did you receive that information? >> i did. >> did it bother you? >> it did. >> why weren't you ready to
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. an epic snowstorm leaving more than 600,000 customers without power in eight states, from
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maine to pennsylvania. some areas were buried under three feet of snow, wet heavy snow. boston fire department reporting a sad story, a 11-year-old boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning as he sat in a running car to keep warm while his father shoveled snow from the snowbank. >> one person injured and one missing after fire sparked an explosion. this a gas plant in southeast texas. authorities say monitors show no sign of hazardous substance in the area. and nasa space rover curiosity collecting first sample of martian bedrock. a fresh drill hole. the next task will be to analyze powder from the rock as it hunts for life. >> gregg: i'm not optimistic on that one. >> heather: it could happen. >> gregg: busy week ahead in washington, state of the union
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on tuesday and economy and jobs are expected to play a major role in the president's annual address. a brand-new fox poll showing the voters are extremely concerned about economic issues and government spending in particular. yeah, 32% saying that is there top concern. 31% pointing to healthcare. 30% say they are concerned about the economy followed by education and the federal deficit. other top concerns include the decline of moral values, job market, gun laws and taxes. shara joins us staff writer for roll call. president was criticized for failing to talk about in his inauguration address the most important issues plaguing americans, joblessless ns and economy. would you expect him to talk about this time? >> absolutely. you are right. just a few weeks during inauguration address, president
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threw a lot of bones to his party. mentioned climate change and gun control and all these issues, everything we heard from the white house indicates that the president's state of the union is going to be a very different speech. they say it is going compliment his inauguration speech but it's going to focus on economic issues. >> gregg: i wonder what he can say. look. facts are difficult. unemployment is worse than when he took office. nonpartisan cbo says it is not going to get any better. they say it's going to be about 8%. they also say that obamacare and his promise of keeping your insurance was false, 7 million will lose their coverage. poverty is up, incomes are down. deficits are they say unsustainable. g.d.p. is actually negative. what is he going to say, not my fault? >> he is going to say if congress doesn't act to o these things in the next few months
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it's going to get even worse. for example, you have the sequester coming up in couple weeks. president has presented proposals that would stave off some of the cuts that would be devastating to the nation's military and the defense industry. you have debt ceiling coming up few months after that and congress is supposed to pass a budget in the next couple of months but obviously they have not done that. >> gregg: he has raised taxes not only on high income earners, he has raised taxes on everyone. the word is he is going to say, he needs more money, more tax revenues. how is that going to be received? >> i can tell you on capitol hill it has not been received very well. house republicans basically, many of them didn't vote for the package that included the tax hikes you are referring to, the one that was voted right after new year's eve. they say that is enough. they don't want to see any more offers that includes tax
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increases. consider they hold the house majority and they can hold to that the best they can. i doubt we would see a package to stave off a sequester anything comprehensive like that. the best we're going to see a kick the can down the road and stave off the cuts. >> gregg: do you think this president, in a way, try to persuade the nation, that 8% unemployment, 25 million americans, unemployed or under employment is negative, that is the new norm. is he going to say something similar to? >> that i don't know if he is going to say something similar to that. >> looking at his rhetoric in the past especially during these big speeches he doesn't talk a lot about the past. if he does, he talks about his predecessor. i think what he'll do about going forward. this is what congress needs to do. if they don't do this, the
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economy is going to backslide even more. >> gregg: shira, thanks very much. >> heather: we are following the search for christopher dorner. he is accused of going on deadly rampage as revenge from a dismissal from the lapd. what would drive anybody to do what he is accused of? we'll speak live to an f.b.i. profiler up next. >> when you have someone of this nature, someone who is highly trained and been a police officer in the past, prior military experience, who has made threats that you read about in the manifesto, we take this very seriously. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk
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>>. >> heather: millions of people across the northeast are digging out from a storm that closed airports and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and some areas, snow was so

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